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Harris Family Center for Disability and Health Policy (HFCDHP)

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Quality Services for People with Disabilities and Activity Limitations.

“We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.”

Charles R. Swindoll

“Quality Services for People with Disabilities and activity limitations” impact broad segments of Americans with disabilities and Activity Limitation. Those who could benefit from access to quality health care services make up a much larger and diverse group than is commonly believed. Some people in this group identify as having a disability or activity limitation, others such as many seniors do not identify as having any limitations. And this group probably includes-or someday will include-one or more of your parents, grandparents, relatives, friends, colleagues...your children...and even you!

Even though there is a growing awareness of how many diverse groups need access to quality services, these needs continue to be under-addressed in health care planning, practice, policy, procedures, and training. This workshop will help you strengthen your awareness, competency, and ability to provide accessible health care services for a variety of people with disabilities and activity limitations.

Understanding access issues and knowing how to respond quickly, appropriately, and sensitively will allow many people with disabilities and activity limitations to have the same access to health care services as those without disabilities.

If you are a health care worker who comes in contact with the public, then this workshop is for you.

Are you a manager? Do you work in member services or at a call center? Are you a front office worker, such as a receptionist, administrative assistant, patient information aide, or volunteer? Maybe you are a member of a clinical team-a doctor, nurse, therapist, technologist, technician, social worker, or aide.

Every day, your duties bring you into contact with someone who is seeking access to quality health care services with some type of temporary or permanent disability or activity limitation.

What is included in this training?

In Part 1, defines “disability” and “activity limitations” and looks at how common disability is. It also explores how disability increases with age.

Part 2 looks briefly at the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and how it impacts health care services.

Part 3 considers how health care worker's attitudes and beliefs toward people with disabilities and activity limitations may affect the quality of health care.

Part 4, explores issues involving physical, communication, and medical equipment access—particularly, the “hassle factors” experienced by people with disabilities and activity limitations when trying to obtain health care.

For a thorough view of “Quality Services for People with Disabilities and Activity Limitations,” watch all four parts. If you don't have time to watch all four parts, be sure to complete Parts 1 and 4. On the workshop Web site, each part is followed by a quiz to test yourself on what you have learned. There is also a final assessment exam at the end of the workshop.

If you are an individual purchasing the training you may choose to take each test or complete the full test at the end.

If you are an employee or contractor of managed care organization , or hospital that has purchased a license the organization will decide which test method, if any will be used.

The Web site also provides a resource section which complements the information in this workshop. Resources include additional readings and annotated links to Internet resources.

When you complete the training a certificate of completion will be provided to you. In addition, when you have completed the workshop, you may access a brief satisfaction survey. We value your opinion on how we might improve this workshop.

How to sign up

Groups and Institution
HMO's, Hospitals, and Clinic Licenses will be provided based on the number of employees and outside contractors to be trained.

To request additional information for a Group or Institution, please use the following link:
Site License Inquiry for Groups & Institutions.

Sample pricing chart

Number of License

Total Price

101 to 1,000


1,001 to 3,000


3,001 to 7,500


7,501 to 10,000


10,001 to 26,000


26,001 and 50,000


Over 50,000

Please contact us

If your institution has over 50,000 employees, please contact HFCDHP to discuss terms.

How to contact us:

Brenda Premo, Director
Harris Family Center for Disability and Health Policy
Western University of Health Sciences
309 E. Second Street Pomona, California

Direct line: (909) 469-5385
Fax: (909) 469-5503